Comments about technological history, system fractures, and human resilience from James R. Chiles, the author of Inviting Disaster: Lessons from the Edge of Technology (HarperBusiness 2001; paperback 2002) and The God Machine: From Boomerangs to Black Hawks, the Story of the Helicopter (Random House, 2007, paperback 2008)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

List o' Publications

Answering this question: 
"What else have you written besides Inviting Disaster and The God Machine?"
I started in 1980 with an article about the Pantex nuclear-weapons plant in Amarillo, Texas, and have been writing pretty regularly since, with seventy features or columns published.

Here's the article list, from most recent to most ancient.

"Grand Central Terminal," Invention & Technology (in process)
"The Steam Shovel – Inventor, Richard P. Thew," Invention & Technology, Fall 2010
"Build-It-Yourself Helicopters," Air&Space/Smithsonian, August 2010
"Remotely Operated Vehicles Come of Age," Invention & Technology, Summer 2010
"The Shovel That Helped Build America," Invention & Technology, Spring 2010
"The Other Renewable Energy," Invention & Technology, Winter 2009
"Spanning the Ages," Invention & Technology, Fall 2009
"Hot Rod Helicopters," Air&Space/Smithsonian, Sepember 2009
"Heavy Rescue," Invention & Technology, Summer 2009
"From Bazookas to RPGs," Invention & Technology, Spring 2009
"One More Second," Air&Space/Smithsonian, December 2008
"The Third Age of Industry," Invention & Technology, Summer 2008
"Air America’s Hush-Hush Helicopter," Air&Space/Smithsonian, March 2008
"I Dream of Choppers," The Boston Globe, November 18, 2007
"Ring of Fire," Air&Space/Smithsonian, June-July 2005
"A Catch in Time," Mechanical Engineering, March 2004
"When CO2 Strikes," Popular Science, August 2003
"A Tragic Mix of Oil and Water," Popular Science, January 2004
"Here is the church, here is the -- Watch out! " Popular Science, June 2003
"U.S. Flirts with Runway Disaster," Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 5, 2001
"Helluva Catch," Air&Space/Smithsonian, August-September 2004
"Stand By Me," Engineering Times, November 2001
"Getting in Deep," Smithsonian, November 2001
"High Tension," Air&Space/Smithsonian, August-September 2004
"Second Wind," Smithsonian, March 2000
"The Spirit of Knob Noster," Air&Space/Smithsonian, Oct-Nov 1999
"Good Days at Black Rock," Smithsonian, April 1999
"Casting a High-Tech Net For Space Trash," Smithsonian, January 1999
"Back on the Line," Air&Space/Smithsonian, October-November 1998
"Hallelujah, I'm a Bum," Smithsonian, July 1998
"We got us some sky today, boy!" Smithsonian, July 1997
"Bang! went the doors of every bank in America," Smithsonian, April 1997
"Out From the Shadow," Air&Space/Smithsonian, May 1996
"How the great war on war surplus got won - or lost," Smithsonian, December 1995
"Congress couldn't have been this bad, or could it?" Smithsonian, November 1995
"Remember, Jimmy, stay away from the bottom of the shaft," Smithsonian, July 1994
"Now that everything's portable, getting around can really be a drag," Smithsonian, January 1994
"It's not easy going eye to eye with today's newfangled fires," Smithsonian, May 1993
"Call me Great or Wise, just don't call me Disorganized," Smithsonian, February 1993
"Goodbye telephone," Smithsonian, February 1992
"There are new signs of energy out in the Kansas oil patch," Smithsonian, March 1991
"Bachelor Living and the Art of Messismo," Smithsonian, Feb. 1991
"County seats were a burning issue in the Wild West," Smithsonian, March 1990
"At science fairs, there's not much playing around," Smithsonian, September 1990
"At air traffic control school, it helps to memorize in your sleep," Smithsonian, January 1990
"Tomorrow's Energy Today," Audubon, January 1990
"Flying cars were a dream that never got off the ground," Smithsonian, February 1989
"How we got ready for a war that was never fought," Smithsonian, December 1988
"Flying on a wing and a prayer, Voyager heads for a last rendezvous," Smithsonian, September 1988
"The Ships that Broke Hitler's Blockade," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Winter 1988
"The Cable Under the Sea," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Fall 1987
"Spindletop," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Summer 1987
"Breaking codes was this couple's lifetime career," Smithsonian, June 1987
"Titanium: for when you care enough to use the very best," Smithsonian, May 1987
"The Road to Radar," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Spring 1987
"NASA's giant research balloons are out of sight," Smithsonian, January 1987
"Standing up to Earthquakes," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Fall 1986
"Anything can be counterfeited, and these days, almost everything is," Smithsonian, July 1986
"When pilots' worst nightmares come true, in simulators," Smithsonian, June 1986
"One Glorious Ham," Harvard Magazine, November-December 1985
"Learning from the Big Blackouts," American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Fall 1985
"The Great American Junkyard: going from wrecks to riches," Smithsonian, March 1985
"Age-old battle to keep safes safe from 'creepers, soup men and yeggs,'" Smithsonian, July 1984
"Learning to Live with Plutonium," Science Digest, July 1984
"Engineers vs. the eons, or How long will our monuments last?" Smithsonian, March 1984
"Movers and Shakers," Texas Monthly, April 1981
"Who Owns Texas?" Texas Monthly, June 1980
"Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven . . .," Texas Monthly, January 1980

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